• A List of Death Stories

    by  • August 25, 2017 • Featuring Death, Writing

    Ever since I read Terry Pratchett’s Mort and Hogfather which features Death as a main character, I have been inspired to write my own stories with my own version of Death. It’s fun writing this “guy”, particularly when exploring the human condition.

    My first Death story is Death and a Salesman’s Cousin, which is one of my personal favorites. Since then, I have written nine other short pieces featuring Death, even if he’s merely a cameo. Currently, only two of my earlier Death stories are archived on this website, Death and a Salesman’s Cousin and Bernie Connor?. Both were originally competition pieces at Needle In The Hay, the former being the winner and the latter, in my own assessment, being my weakest Death piece.

    For the sake of convenience, I have included a list of my Death stories below:

    On a related note, four of my Death stories have been adapted to screenplay and some of my comics also feature Death.