• TIE Scorpion

    by  • February 13, 2016 • Fan Art, Visual Arts

    The TIE Scorpion takes a more radical approach compared to the TIE Enforcer, basing my design on the TIE Hunter. Instead of having “spiked” solar panels configured to resemble an X-wing, they are perpendicular to the struts and placed as far back as possible. Like the TIE Enforcer, this is to maximize cockpit visibility, at least laterally.

    TIE Scorpion

    “Let’s go kill some bothans.”

    TIE Scorpion - Back

    “Let’s go ambush a few Bolians while we’re at it.”

    TIE Fighters Defends Base

    Cover 3 Zone Defense

    The pod and the struts are nearly identical to the TIE Enforcer. The twin ion engines are longer, as is the hyperdrive and the rear shield emitters. Since these components are mostly external to the pod structure, it makes little difference to the latter.

    Given the “odd” configuration of the solar panels, there is only one external laser attached on each side. To partially compensate for this, a relatively larger laser is placed above the canopy which is connected to the rear shield emitter casing. This is one of the reasons the rear shield emitters are enlarged, in order to structurally support this laser and provide space for its power supply. Admittedly, this “scorpion’s tail” obstructs visibility but you can’t have it all. At least it’s a laser and, while you’re at it, it’s large enough to accommodate some shield emitters and other equipment for the purposes of electronic warfare.