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    This is a website of an aspiring creative hack. Here you will find some writing and art, or at least attempts thereof. Feel free to have a browse or even loiter. Thank you for visiting.



    Work Featured Externally

    The below slider links to selected pieces of writing featured on other websites. These include contest winners, honorable mentions and pieces which I personally like; the latest of which are a few months old and therefore no longer listed above as “News”.

    No Hard Feelings
    No Hard Feelings — a dystopian sci-fi detective short story
    Mar.2013 — Needle In The Hay, winner of The Gramophone Electric Award
    Prudence Demands...
    Prudence Demands... — a teenage girl vigilante taking on local criminal elements
    Aug.2013 — The Story Shack (originally shortlisted for The Glass Refrigerator Award at Needle In The Hay — Apr.2013)
    The Speed of Exposure
    The Speed of Exposure — anyone can make accusations...
    Aug.2013 — winner of Bloomsbury Short Sentence: Payback (Jun & Jul)
    The Blazer
    The Blazer — a high fantasy adventure
    Oct.2013 — Needle In The Hay, shortlisted for The Farewell Hiroshi Award
    Word Limit
    Word Limit
    Apr.2014 — 50-Word Stories
    A Lovely Day
    A Lovely Day
    May.2014 — 50-Word Stories, honorable mention for Spring Stories Contest
    Thickened Water
    Thickened Water
    Sep.2014 — 50-Word Stories
    Sep.2014 — 50-Word Stories
    Just Another Patrol
    Just Another Patrol — a grimdark-mecha short story
    Oct.2014 — Needle In The Hay, second place for The Lord Grimdark Award
    Replacement Guilt
    Replacement Guilt — Jake has a rifle and is out for blood...
    Nov.2014 — Shotgun Honey
    The Staircase
    The Staircase
    Nov.2014 — Microfiction Monday Magazine
    The Useless Suspects
    The Useless Suspects
    Nov.2014 — 50-Word Stories, winner of Moustache Memoirs Contest
    Love Me Tender
    Love Me Tender
    Dec.2014 — 50-Word Stories
    Safety Blitz
    Safety Blitz
    Dec.2014 — 50-Word Stories
    The Uranus Journal – Bestsellers of 2020
    The Uranus Journal – Bestsellers of 2020
    Jan.2015 — Needle In The Hay, winner of The Visions of 2020 Award
    The Tree
    The Tree
    Feb.2015 — 50-Word Stories
    To Shoot/Not To Shoot
    To Shoot/Not To Shoot: A Preliminary Study On Inter-Xeno Marketing
    Feb.2015 — Needle In The Hay, winner of The I/O M/F/? Award
    Guaranteed Pleasure
    Guaranteed Pleasure
    Feb.2015 — 101 Words
    A Nice Day
    A Nice Day — look out: Rafaela is quitting her job!
    Apr.2015 — Aphelion
    Gate Network Expands to the Delta Quadrant!
    Gate Network Expands to the Delta Quadrant!
    Apr.2015 — Needle In The Hay, second place for The Linkbait & Switch Sci-Fi Contest
    Spare Parts
    Spare Parts
    Apr.2015 — 365 tomorrows
    Food, Glorious Food
    Food, Glorious Food — a vampiric alien race searches for food
    Jul.2015 — Perihelion
    The Community Project
    The Community Project — assignments at superhero high school are never easy...
    Jul.2015 — Aphelion, winner of May/June 2015 Flash Fiction Contest
    CYchopath — can you capture the crim in time?
    Jul.2015 — Needle In The Hay, shortlisted for The Gibson Bigend Award
    Aug.2015 — Flash! Friday, Second Runner Up for Vol 3-36
    Waste Management
    Waste Management — Michelle starts a new job where sabotage seems to be the norm
    Aug.2015 — Aphelion, winner of July 2015 Flash Fiction Contest
    Death and a Salesman's Cousin
    Death and a Salesman's Cousin — Death is after a new vehicle
    Sep.2015 — Needle In The Hay, winner of The Custom Rims Award
    Dr Geung Si
    Dr Geung Si — featuring hopping vampires from the 80s HK film Mr Vampire + zombies
    Oct.2015 — Aphelion (Halloween edition)
    The Long Path
    The Long Path — a pilgrim nears his destination...
    Nov.2015 — Flash! Friday, honorable mention for Vol 3-49
    Death Trap
    Death Trap — a distress signal, an abandoned facility... can this trope possibly end well?
    Nov.2015 — Aphelion, winner of September/October 2015 Flash Fiction Contest
    Till Death Do Us In
    Till Death Do Us In — Death hosts a matchmaking show
    Mar.2016 — Needle In The Hay, co-second place for the What We Talk About When We Talk About Love Award
    Love Thy Ministers
    Love Thy Ministers — no op goes according to plan
    Mar.2016 — Aphelion
    SkullBook — Death uses social media
    Jun.2016 — Needle In The Hay, winner of Bertie Beats The Tweets Award

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    I am also a contributing artist/illustrator to the below:

    The Story Shack The Story Shack
    Cicatrix Publishing Cicatrix Publishing